What is the best way to embellish my western shirts?

Embroidery is usually the best way to embellish shirts due the low cost. The best way to know for sure is to let us provide you with a no obligation quote with a variety of options.

Do you have minimum order for shirts?

In-Stock shirts: no minimum

Custom Made-to-Order shirts: We will create a shirt just for you with a minimum order of 75 shirts with a minimum of 24 pieces per gender.

Do you have men’s and women’s matching garments?

Yes, we can provide your team with men’s, women’s and youth sizes in matching shirts, jackets or vests; off the rack or made to order.

How quickly can we get shirts?

2-3 days delivery:  Our ‘In-stock shirt program’ offers a choice of colours, styles and a wide range of sizes.  We have men’s and women’s matching designs.

2-3-week delivery: Of top branded manufacturers: we carry Wrangler, Roper and other top brands with quick access to their current product lines and a good selection of their latest styles.

3-4 months delivery: One-of-a-kind custom shirts, made just for you, featuring a choice of fabric, colour, style and fit.  With enough lead time we can create whatever you wish.

How do I know the sizes to order for hats?

Most men are sizes medium and large and most women are small and medium. We will work with you to ensure you get the right sizes.

Can you help fit the hats at the event?

Yes, our team is available to help fit hats at your event.

Will you create a trophy buckle?

Yes, we will.

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